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Track Plug-in Hybrids, Electric Cars, Electric Motorcycle, 3-Wheel Vehicles, etc
In the past few years, there's been a deluge of information about plug-in vehicles coming from almost every car company out there (plus many startups, motorcycle companies, etc). It can be hard to keep track of all the release dates, technical specifications, etc, so Plug-In America's Plug-in Vehicle Tracker promises to be useful. How does it work? It's very simple... Read on for more details.
plug-in hybrid electric vehicle tracker image

Image: Plug In America
How the Plug-in Vehicle Tracker Works
The site is basically a list divided in three sections. Cars & Trucks, 2 & 3 Wheeler Vehicles, and Commercial Vehicles. Each section has three columns with information about Make, Model & Type, Features, Status, and a photo.

Looking at the list, the first thing that jumps at you is how few of those vehicles have the "Available in USA Now" badge. Only two have it in the Cars & Trucks section, the Tesla Roadster and the electric Tango. There are more in the 2 & 3 wheel vehicles, but apart from the NmG 3 wheel EV, they're all electric motorcycles and scooters. On the commercial side, there's an electric truck and an electric bus that are available in the USA, but that's it.

A lot of those vehicles are planned for 2010. Let's just hope that in 2010 they won't be pushed back to 2011, and in 2011 to 2012, and so on...

Via Plug-In America Vehicle Tracker
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