Planet Green Drops by Indianapolis 500 Race

Indianapolis 500 Race photo

Planet Green Goes to the Big Race
Two days ago, on May 25, the 92nd Indianapolis 500 Race took place. With a capacity of 400,000, it is the largest single-day sporting event in the world. In partnership with the Indy Series organizers, the Planet Green TV crew was present and shot footage for an episode of The "G" Word, a show that will air on the Planet Green network after it launches on June 4th. But the Planet Green crew wasn't just passive observers; they spent all day giving green tips to the hordes of racing fans and stuck around until the next day to provide volunteers for the massive clean up and make sure it was done using best practices, recycling everything that is recyclable, etc.
Indy 500 Race photo

Motor Racing's Not Green, Right?
Of course, motor racing isn't green. But here's how we see it: The Indy 500 event would have happened whether we liked it or not, as will many other events. It is better to use them as an opportunity to reach people, give them information, and get them to improve than to stay home and complain. After all, if you look at the number of race cars on the track and the number of cars used by the public, it becomes clear that they should be the main green focus.

We think the Indy 500 would be even better with electric cars, though. Less noise and better acceleration (if a $100,00 Tesla can do 0 to 60 in about 4 seconds, imagine was a racing car worth a few millions could do)!

A Greener Indianapolis 500
::Root For Your Team While Going Green!
::Planet Green and IndyCar Series Go Green for the 92nd Indianapolis 500

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