Pimp My Green Ride: This Souped-Up Tesla Roadster Rocks

tesla roadster overall

Credit: Photos courtesy of Al & Ed's Autosound
The all-electric Tesla Roadster is a green car without the dinky green look (Sorry Toyota Prius).

Some audiophiles at Al & Ed's Autosound in West Hollywood, California, decided the Tesla needed a non-dinky radio system, too.

So they've have revamped the $100,000 Roadster, refurbishing the interior and installing a new sound system.

inside tesla roadster sound system

Motor Trend took a look at the enhanced version from Al & Ed, with its $8,000 sound system, and says it "bumps." It's powered by a dedicated 12-volt recyclable battery that takes only a few hours to fully charge on a standard wall socket and will play for about 10 hours.

interior tesla roadster

I have nothing against small cars. But they don't cry out to be driven. The Tesla does. And now it's sound system can back that up.

Maybe, just maybe, a company like Chevy will make a more accessible electric vehicle like this one day.

Maybe the $40,000 Volt has a kickin' stereo system? We'll have to wait and see.

tesla roadster gear console

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