A picture is worth: Space required to transport 60 people by car, uber and AV

space comparison uber and AV
© Jon Orcutt

For years we have been showing the image from the City of Müenster, comparing how much road space is taken up by cars, buses and bikes carrying the same number of people. Versions of it have been created all over the world.

But now, as there are so many discussions about how Uber or self-driving cars will change our cities, Jon Orcutt of NYCDOT Communications and Advocacy director at Transitcenter makes the strong point that they are still cars, they still take up road space, they still probably have one person (or two in a human-controlled UBER) and are perhaps not the panacea that people are saying they are. As Brent Todorian notes, Mobility in cities is all about space. Uber and driverless cars don't solve the problem.

Here is the original from Müenster:

space comparisonPress-Office City of Müenster, Germany/via

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