Photos of Crashed Tesla Electric Roadster in Junkyard

Crashed electric cars tesla roadster photo

Remember, Drive Carefully
There aren't many Tesla Roadster electric cars on the road right now, so it's a bit heartbreaking to see photos of this lifeless Roadster carcass (via Wrecked Exotic Cars).

It is apparently the 3rd Tesla to crash: The first time "was when a technician was testing the vehicle and ran into the back of a truck. The 2nd crash occurred in San Francisco after the driver failed to slow down at a red light and rear ended another vehicle." Read on for more photos and the story of this 3rd Tesla crash.

Crashed electric cars tesla roadster photo

Crashing a Tesla
Here is the whole story as posted on WEC:

On Wednesday, October 29th, this Tesla was being driven at 100 MPH when the driver, a sales director for Tesla, was giving a demonstration ride and tried to take a turn too fast. Wet roads and poor visibility contributed to the accident which took place in southern France.

The accident was very serious, with the passenger being ejected upon impact. Fortunately, both driver and passenger survived this terrible accident. The driver suffered a broken hand and some minor bruises and the passenger has been released from the hospital.

Crashed electric cars tesla roadster photo

Now what's the point of having a car better for the environment if you go crash it? The company already has enough troubles because of the credit crunch, they don't need the bad PR that comes from a series of crashes. So if you're reading this and are planning to buy a Tesla, drive safely!

Crashed electric cars tesla roadster photo

At least the silver lining seems to be that the electric Roadster is a pretty safe car. Not all vehicles would give only minor injuries to their passengers after a 100 MPH crash...

Via Wrecked Exotic Cars, Wired
Photos courtesy of Wrecked Exotic Cars. Thanks Gregg!
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