Phoenix Motorcars: Classic and Light-Duty Electric Cars


Electric cars like the Tesla, Tango and smart's EV have all made a big splash around here, with good reason: their sleek, fast and future-looking designs turn heads and have given notice that electric cars can be a viable transportation alternative. No one has moved beyond this archetype, until now. California-based Phoenix Motorcars is in the game to mass produce full-function, freeway-speed electric automobiles; they're first model was a reproduction of a 1937 Ford Cabriolet (pictured), but they've moved on to light pickups, small vans and a mid-size SUV coming in mid-2007. With a minimum range of 120 miles per charge and max speed of 95 mph, the vehicles compare favorably with most other electric vehicles in production, making the light-duty Phoenix vehicles ideal for messenger, service and light delivery fleets in addition to everday use for the general public. More pics after the jump. ::Phoenix Motorcars via ::Hugg


Phoenix Production Sport Utility Vehicle


Phoenix Production Sport Utility Truck