Phoenix Motorcars Added to PG&E; Fleet


Phoenix Motorcars continue to expand their brand and are starting to get their all-electric sport utility trucks out there, a little bit. In the news recently with an appearance at the White House, but on our radar since last year, with more coverage here and here, they've just signed a deal with PG&E; (who has endorsed climate change legislation, among other initiatives to help the state be a bit greener) in California to add the Phoenix SUT to its fleet. Four will be delivered in June of this year, and PG&E; plans to order 200 more to help them cover 70,000 square miles in central and northern California. The SUT will be handier than, say, a Tesla roadster, for example, in that it can haul five people, a payload in the back and still do freeway speeds. Its range is around 100 miles, and can be recharged in 10 minutes or so, making it particularly well-suited for short-to-medium length trips with a home base that's ready to power it back up. According to Phoenix's website, fleet sales will be the primary focus for 2007 as they continue to produce more vehicles and work whatever kinks in the system may appear. California TreeHuggers, keep your eyes peeled for a PG&E; SUT later this summer! ::Phoenix Motorcars

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