Phoenix EV Truck Has a Lot to Offer


Phoenix Motorcars has been making electric vehicle news for a while now. Their first vehicle was a reproduction of a 1930's Cabriolet, but they've moved on to more functional cars in the meantime.

Using lithium ion batteries, Phoenix has developed two normal-looking, normal-sized electric vehicles that they plan on releasing sometime in 2007. Their Sport Utility Truck (room for five with a flatbed) has recently caused a stir with a claim that they're planning a version with a 250 mile range on a single charge. While that number would almost certainly go down as the batteries aged, it is still an exciting number. The 250 mile range version of the SUT won't be available for at least a year. However, Pheonix's 120 mile range vehicles will be available soon, they plan on producing at least 500 SUT's in 2007.I hate to point out the obvious but, wow, that's not very many. No word on the sticker price, but it's going to be pretty darned expensive.

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