Philadelphia Highschoolers Build Hybrid Supercar

We don't remember doing anything like that in highschool... Oh well, some people have all the fun. The West Philadelphia High School Electric Vehicle Team built this biodiesel car that gets 50 mpg (4.7l/100 km), has over 300 hp and does 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds, all that with a budget of $15,000! They used the Attack kit from K-1 and a 1.9 liters turbo-diesel VolksWagen engine. The rear wheels are powered by the diesel while the front wheels are powered by a 200 hp electric motor. Since it's a "performance" hybrid, the electric motor is used mostly for acceleration: "To keep the weight low, the electric motor will be powered by a 450 volt ultra-capacitor pack (weighing only 200lbs). [...] Under normal driving conditions, the vehicle will solely be powered by the diesel engine. Therefore, the ultra-capacitor pack stores only enough energy for a few minutes of blazing acceleration." We wish them the best for their next green projects!

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