Peugeot Previews the Onyx Electric-Hybrid Supercar

Peugeot Onyx© Peugeot

Sneak Peek Before the Paris Motor Show

Our colleagues over at have a preview of the Peugeot Onyx, a gasoline-electric hybrid supercar that will be fully unveiled later this month at the Mondiale de l'Automobile in Paris (aka the Paris Motor Show).

"The futuristic super car is apparently a functional prototype and is powered by a hybrid powertrain that pairs a 1.6L four-cylinder engine to an electric motor for a total output over 370 horsepower. The engine is located midship, while the electric motor is located at the front of the concept. The hybrid powertrain sends its power to all four wheels."

For more details, including photos and a video, check out this Discovery post.

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Peugeot Previews the Onyx Electric-Hybrid Supercar
The sleek-looking hybrid won't be unveiled until the Paris Motor Show next month; until then, here's a preview.

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