Perhaps those Falcon Wing doors on the Tesla Model X are not so terrible after all

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Screen capture Tesla door opens in snow

Everybody loves Tesla around TreeHugger, but I have always had doubts about the Model X SUV in general and its "falcon wing" doors in particular, thinking them a dumb and dangerous design. Long ago I also complained that they may work in California but would never do the job in Canada or anywhere with a lot of snow and ice.

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But as shown in this video posted on Electrek, the doors worked rather well in snow. Fred Lambert writes:

Here in Quebec, we got our first few decent snow storms last week and a Model X owner tested the Falcon Wing doors, one of the greatest concerns of potential Model X buyers, after ‘une bonne bordée’ as we say around here. Of course, it’s not recommended to open the doors with several inches of snow on top just like any normal car door simply because you are asking for snow to fall inside. But maybe you need to access something in the back, like a snow broom or ice scraper, before getting the snow off. In this case, it can be useful to know if the Model X’s doors can still operate.

Furthermore, there are some other real benefits to having an electric car that's hooked up to your wall; you can preheat it. With a normal car, you either idle it illegally to warm up or drive away cold; with an electric car that's plugged in, who cares? By the time you get in, the seats are warm, the windshield and wipers are de-iced.

Electric cars take a range hit in winter because of the heater, so preheating makes even more sense. I may be eating my words for dinner.

Perhaps those Falcon Wing doors on the Tesla Model X are not so terrible after all
I predicted trouble in winter, but they appear to still open even when buried in snow.

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