Performance Tuner Modification for the Smart Car

Smart ForTwo Brabus Front End Photo

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Performance modifying your green vehicle just might have been one of those things that made the C + C Music Factory exclaim, "hmmm" back in 1991.

You had to know it was coming... it was only a matter of time before the peppy and the frugal caught up with the Fast and the Furious. The Smart Car now officially has a performance aftermarket in the USA, and we're not just talking about the cute race stripes and chrome shifter knobs, these are the all out modifications of vertical car doors, wide-body kits, spoilers, performance air intakes, and stainless steel exhaust systems.Smart Madness poured out its bling last month at the L.A. Auto Show with a few modified Smart Cars which caught our attention. While looking at these "tuners" from an extreme green stance, we would say that quite frankly these items have no place on a vehicle that is primarily used as a glorified neighborhood golf cart with decent gas mileage and reduced emissions.

After all, the Smart Car was fundamentally designed to get a person from A to B as simply as possible. No frills, small gas bills, and may need a little push up the hills (kidding here, no hate mail please) was the fundamental ideas behind the initial concept. Surely the phrases, "performance tuner" and "Smart Car" were never even meant to be used in the same sentence, unless the phrase "beat the tar out of" was also included in the sentence.

But all jokes aside, some Smart owners love their cars and would stand up and say, Hey, why shouldn't we be allowed to have a little fun with our cars—there are after all no rules to customization and having fun. If you think about it, the 112 horsepower Smart ForTwo Brabus version has been sold in Europe for a number of years now and is finally coming here to the USA, albeit, packing a 70 horsepower powerplant, rather than the European force-fed three cylinder.

Surely there must be some interest in a performance oriented Smart Car. Assuming this is the case, we feel it is our duty to tell you that a U.S. Brabus currently boasts the hefty price tag of $18,000 to $21,000, but who says you can't just build one yourself. Without further adieu, we present to you the Smart Car "tuner" line-up for 2009.

Engine Modification & Performance

Smart ForTwo Brabus Dual Exhaust Photo

Photo Credit to Ducktail964
Custom Dual Exhausts-
Ever seen a dual exhaust on a Smart ForTwo? The CES Performance exhaust claims it can get you an easy 4 to 5 horsepower for around $500.

Ram Air Scoop and Intake-There are a variety of air scoops available for the Smart ForTwo models 450 and 451. Add on a cold air intake on the package, plus K&N; air filter, and you could be looking at an advertised eight additional horsepower at 5,000 rpm.

But in the case you have never heard a Smart ForTwo buzzing at 5,000 rpm with a loud stainless steel dual exhaust, we would probably recommend keeping it that way!

Engine Performance Mods-Coming Soon. Could this be turbo... supercharger... or maybe just a reprogrammed CPU??? We'll have to wait and see.

Exterior Modifications
Brabus Rear Roof Spoiler, Fuel Filler Door, Front Spoiler, Side Skirts-
For $3,000-plus, you could be one of the first on your block with a Brabus look-alike. Or go all the way and get a Koeningseder Body Kit for $3,500.00. But it doesn't stop there. There are Lorinser, Kuhl-FX, Breathless Performance, S-Mann, CPStyle, and Carlsson body Smart kits also available.

Wide Body-Ever heard of a wide-body Porsche? Well, now you can purchase a Lorinser Flare set for $1,000 to have the similar effect on your Smart ForTwo.

Vertical Car Door Kit-The vertical lifting car door (a.k.a "lambo doors") has long been associated with the "tuner" crowd. Smart Car owners can now join the fun with their very own U.S. made, patent pending, bolt-on version of the lambo door at only $1,500, not including installaton. Did I say "only", I meant "whopping" in consideration of the current U.S. economy.

Smart ForTwo Brabus Wheel Photo

Photo Credit to Ducktail964
Performance Wheel Packages-Custom designed wheels also available in a variety of styles and Wubs "wanna-be Dubs" of 15, 16, and even 17-inch variety.

Interior Modifications
Carbon Fiber Interior Trim- $250
Aluminum Sort accelerator and brake pedal Set- $200 to $260
Footrest- $240
Ambient Lighting- $520
Performance Instrument Pods (Rev Counter and Clock)- $250

Just out of curiosity, how many of you give these items a thumbs up and how many a thumbs down? Are they cool, make you drool, or do you think that anyone who would buy these must be either a tool or a real fool... The fate of many ForTwo Christmas shopping lists rest in your hands!

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Performance Tuner Modification for the Smart Car
Performance modifying your green vehicle just might have been one of those things that made the C + C Music Factory exclaim, "hmmm" back in 1991.

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