Penny Farthing Racing is Surprisingly Intense (Video)

This summer, the IG Markets London Nocturne, perhaps the premier urban cycling competition, featured a variety of challenges that included straight-forward races, folding bike races and longest skid contests. But the most awesome, in my opinion, was the penny farthing race. The big wheel, little wheel rides may look like historical oddities brought out for a laugh, but this surprisingly intense video proves that they're still dead serious. Sponsored by cycling company Brooks England, the Nocturne featured two penny farthing races, one a mile sprint and the other longer. The was the fifth annual Nocturne, and the first to include penny farthings.

The unexpected passion that went into the race is less surprising when you consider London's rapidly growing cycling culture. As cities around the world continue to embrace two-wheeled transportation, maybe you'll see some badass riders perched on penny farthings, hurtling down your street sometime soon.

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