Pedal-Powered Submarine Uses Strida Bike Parts

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Would you trust your life with a pedal-powered submarine? I'd have to say, I'm not so sure I would. Not that the Scubster might fail, but that my legs would before I could resurface. Minh-Lôc Truong and Stéphane Rousson, a team of French designers and engineers, are apparently more sure of themselves than me as they're currently building a pedal-powered personal wet sub, and will be entering in next year's International Submarine Race. So far, it's more than just hype, having successfully completed its first test run earlier this month.Gizmag reports, "The streamlined carbon fiber Scubster is currently being built in the south of France by Rousson and a team of University engineers to designs supplied by Truong. Rousson will also strap on a wet suit and get tanked up to pilot the submarine."

Scubster completed its first run earlier this month, and you can check out a video on their website.

scubster pedal power image
Image via Scubster

The submarine has blades on each side that are hooked up to a customized gear mechanism and drive belt from a Strida bike. By pedaling away and using controls inside the pilot compartment for steering, the pilot can take the Scubster anywhere, including backwards.

Aside from creating a vehicle for scuba divers and scientists working in oceanography, the creators want to win a rather unusual race.

The International Submarine Race will be held next year at the Naval Surface Warfare Center-Carderock Division, Bethesda, Maryland between June 27 and July 1, and you can expect the Scubster to be there.

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