Paul Sr. Tells Conan O'Brien About American Chopper's Electric Motorcycle

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Image credit: Siemens/DCI

To those following the cutting edge of green transportation, an all-electric motorcycle is not a novel idea. Still, if you want one, you either need to build it yourself, or find a highly-skilled and versatile mechanic willing to do custom work.

Siemens wanted an electric bike and, instead of building it themselves, they went to the undeniable experts in custom motorcycles: Orange County Choppers.

The American Chopper Green Build will be featured on TLC tonight at 9 pm eastern.Even for the guys at Orange County Choppers, building an electric bike that was powerful and good looking was a challenge. Fitting the batteries, wiring the electrical system, even making it go forward instead of reverse were problems that required time and experimentation.

Listen to Paul Sr. talk about the building process and the electric chopper in this interview with Conan O'Brien:

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