Patent Pending Blog — Bicycle Technology


As is the wont of the web surfing, we arrived at this site by sheer serendipity. Any treehugger with even a passing interest in bicycles will find its contents most intriguing. It's a "blog celebrating the history of technology and creative genius over the centuries." And the version dedicated to cycling has gems like the above pic, possibly the first patented full suspension bike from way back in 1890. Or the recumbent bicycle that was officially raced (image below) for the first time in 1933, which slashed the world record for distance ridden in one hour. 45.055 km - beating 44.247 km - and later that year achieving 49.99km, when ridden by a 43 year old. Recumbents were soon banned from racing and the records revoked! Aside from plenty of patent stories on chain links, spokes, metal frames and the like, you can read about English reporter, Thomas Stevens, who on a Penny Farthing style bike with a 50 inch front wheel, rode around the world (without the aid of any Lonely Planet guides, we suspect) during 1884-1886. (A digital version of his book can be found at Project Gutenburg.) So, if bikes are your thing, take a perve at ::Patent Pending Blog - Bicycles.