Passat BlueMotion Sets Guiness World Record by Going 1,526 Miles on a Single Fuel Tank

vw passat bluemotion photo

Photo: VW
All Production Models Should Have These Fuel-Saving Tricks
A Volkswagen Passat BlueMotion has recently set a new Guinness World Record for the "longest distance travelled by a standard production passenger car on a single tank of fuel". The trip begun in Maidstone in Kent. The VW headed to the South of France and then turned back, running out of fuel close to Calais after completing a distance of 1,526.63 miles without ever refueling. That's an average of 74.8 miles per gallon (US)!

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vw passat bluemotion photo

Photo: Media Inventions Ltd.
Now that is Hypermiling!
The record-setting Passat BlueMotion was an unmodified production model, but the BlueMotion line is all about fuel efficiency: It has aerodynamic tweaks to make it more 'slippery', a lower ride height, stop-start anti-idling, longer gear ratios, and low rolling resistance tires. On top of that, the engine was the 1.6-liter, the smallest turbo-diesel offered by VW on the Passat.

All of this helps, but none of it is terribly esoteric of expensive. All cars should have these things by default, or at least available as options. It's relatively common in Europe and Asia, but it's still way too hard to find a car with fuel-efficiency improvements (apart from hybrids) in North-America.

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