Park and Power: Charging Solutions for Urban Electric Vehicles

We've already noted the virus-like spread of electric vehicles (EVs) such as the G-Wiz in London. Along side the growth in the number of EVs on the road, we have also seen an increase in local authorities installing electric charging points on the streets. The fashion has even spread outside the nation's congestion-charged capital, with EV enthusiasts in the city of Bristol recently celebrating the opening of the first charging point in the South West. As one might expect, the private sector is stepping in to develop and supply curbside charging solutions for electric cars, bikes and buggies. Park and Power is one such company.

The company supplies the units then, when installed, EV owners simply purchase a license to use them, then just park up, plug in, and charge. Presumably this model would require a significant number of units in different locations to make it worth while buying a license, and the website doesn't say much about how many vehicles can use a unit at one time. Nevertheless, we're encouraged to see more suppliers providing solutions for increased EV use, and we're sure details can be ironed out as streetside charging gets more popular. Encouragingly, Park and Power also seem to have gone to great lengths to ensure compatibility with a wide range of vehicles:

"Most types of plugs can use the recharge points. Any unusual or specific needs can be met. This is crucial, as we don't want to prejudice some makes of electric cars, motorbikes or pushbikes from using the system. We want to try and encourage more organisations to start producing electric vehicles."

Anyone wanting to investigate the potential of charging units for a particular site is encouraged to contact the company for a free consultation. We look forward to a day when units like these are as ubiquitous as parking meters on the streets of our cities. ::Park and Power:: via EVUK::

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