Paris Motor Show: Toyota Says "No" to Diesel Hybrids

At the Paris Motor Show, Toyota's chief executive for Europe, Tadashi Arashima, has ruled out diesel hybrids (for now). "Already the diesel [price] premium is quite high, then you'd have to pay a hybrid premium, so we're not seeing that there's a market," he said. This will certainly disappoint many people who have been dreaming of diesel hybrids (running on biodiesel!) for a long time, but it might also be an opportunity for other automakers if it turns out that Toyota is wrong and that there is strong demand for diesel hybrids despite the extra premium over gasoline hybrids. ::Toyota rules out diesel hybrids. See also: ::DaimlerChrysler's Bionic 70 mpg Concept Car, ::Citroën’s C-Métisse Diesel Hybrid Sports Car, ::Mitsubishi Releases Diesel Hybrid Truck in Japan