Paris Mayor Plans Self-Serve Electric Car Pools


Photo courtesy David Megginson at flickr

Paris' Velib bike self-serve systems, with 10,000 cycles at 750 locations, seems to be a hit even though it's not free.

So Parisian mayor Bertrand Delanoe (up for re-election) says if re-elected he is planning to both beef up public transport and next year start a similar self-service electric and/or hybrid-electric car system called autolib. Starting with about 2,000 cars and 300 free re-charging stations at various points in the city, the system might reduce car congestion and parking issues but be considered competition with Parisian taxi drivers. Car-sharing subscriber programs already exist in the city, and this service, modeled on a eponymous car sharing program in Lyon, is expected to cost around 250 Euros ($388) each month - cheaper than the total cost of car ownership, says the Mayor's office. Norwegian THINK is preparing a bid for the project. Via ::Wikio (French)

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