Paper & Wood Waste to be Mass Produced Into Car Fuel

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The first large-scale commercial operation to produce cellulosic ethanol (the kind of ethanol made not from corn or other grown crops, but from organic waste) in the US just got major backing from the oil industry, and will be online in 2013. The New York Times reports:

the Mascoma Corporation of Lebanon, N.H., said it had reached an agreement with Valero, the nation's largest independent oil refiner, under which Valero would take the entire output of a commercial plant that Mascoma is to break ground on this year in Kinross, Mich. It is the first such "offtake" agreement in the industry, Mascoma said.
Valero will also invest $50 million in the plant -- and we may see cellulosic ethanol in mass production in two years.

Via New York Times: Green

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