OYBike — Rent It Via Your Mobile Phone


You like riding a bike; it’s less crowded, cheaper, often faster, healthier and much more eco but you don’t need it all the time, had enough of dragging it on and off the train and don't know where to store it safely?
OYBike has the solution for you: rent it on the street via your mobile phone. Why? Because this way you only deal with it when you need to and don’t have to transport it on buses or trains. The OYBike network is designed to work with other modes of transport and is available at tube stations, public buildings, key transport interchanges and car parks. How? By codes you request and receive via your mobile phone in order to unlock or return your OYBike to the electronic, self-containing docking stations. For example, you find the bike you want to hire, you call OYBike control centre and read them the number on your selected bike. They give you a new code to type into the docking station which then releases the selected bike. You ride the bike…To end the hire, you find an empty port at any OYBike docking station and plug the bike with its special cable back in. You call back the OYBike control centre and provide them with the confirmation code displayed on the chosen docking station. Et voilà, done! If you think that’s a lot of codes, here’s some good news: all their codes have been reduced, the first one to 11 characters and the release code to 6 characters. Now that’s what we call a good [product] service [system], all you need to ride a bike is your mobile phone due to some cleverly designed electronic rental stations and smart bikes with locking cables and an anti-theft design that seems to work.
And if it’s your first time, check out their extensive health & safety points. Prices lie between £0,30 up to 15 minutes (£0,70 cheaper than a bus ride) and £8 for a whole day. Available in London so far. ::OYBike Thanks Marcus for the tip!
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