Outraged Cyclists Re-Paint Removed Bike Lane, Guerilla Style (Video)

painting bike lanes video

Images: Screen capture from Youtube video (see below)

The Only Thing Missing is "V for Vendetta" Masks

A few sources are reporting that men were arrested yesterday for trying to re-paint a bike lane on a 14-block stretch on Bedford avenue in Brooklyn. The bike lane was recently removed by the city because of complaints by some local groups (the usual stuff about having fewer parkings and "hurting local businesses"). The unknown men made a video (see below) of them doing their guerilla bike safety civil disobedience and we got our hands on it.

bike lane removal photo

Here's a photo of the removal of the bike lane last week, taken by Elizabeth Press.
The Gothamist had some info about the arrest of the amateur bike lane painters:

According to tipsters, the neighborhood's volunteer community watch group responded to reports at around 4 am that two men were using spraypaint to recreate a section of the bike lane, which the Department of Transportation controversially removed from a 14-block stretch of Bedford Avenue last week. Police arrived at the corner of Bedford Avenue and Rutledge Street and arrested two suspects, sources said.

Here's the video of the mystery men in action:

The video contains a manifesto that explains that bike lanes are there for safety, and that the removal of the Bedford bike lane won't keep cyclists from using that route since it leads to the Williamsburg bridge. All that it's going to do is make it more dangerous for cyclists.

They conclude with this warning for the city: "Do not try to remove [bike lanes], or we will put them back for our own safety."

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Outraged Cyclists Re-Paint Removed Bike Lane, Guerilla Style (Video)
The Only Thing Missing is "V for Vendetta" Masks.

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