Opbrid Shows Overhead Fast-Charging System for Electric Buses

Opbrid electric bus photo

Photo: Opbrid
Goodbye Diesel Fumes?
Opbrid, a company based in Spain, has just unveiled its Bůsbaar charging system for electric buses. It leverages technologies developed by the European rail industry and a special type of Lithium Titanate (nLTO) battery that allows rapid charge capability and a very large number of deep discharge cycles. This system would allow electric buses to have smaller batteries (thus less expensive) that are recharged more often; 5-6 minutes at each end of a bus route would be enough to allow an EV bus to operate all day.
Benefits of This Approach
While for now these types of bus would be limited to relatively short routes of 10-15 km (more common in Europe), it's easy to imagine how improvements in battery technology could make this viable for most urban bus routes over the next decade or two.

Existing buses could even be used in some cases: "Many electric and hybrid-electric buses can be upgraded to use up to 100% electricity from the grid instead of diesel simply by installing an Opbrid Bůsbaar fast charging station at each end of a bus route and fast charging, long lasting, AltairNano lithium titanate batteries on the bus."

Infrastructure costs would almost certainly be lower than with most other forms of electrified public transit (tramways, subways, light rail), and because the buses act like regular buses except when they are charging, the flexibility of such a system would be high.

To see the charging station in action, check out the video above. Unlike battery-swapping stations, these charging stations can be installed almost anywhere (as long as you have an electric connection above to carry about 250kw).

Via PRWeb, GCC
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