Onya Cycles' Electric Trike Zooms at 20mph with Rider & Cargo (Video)

onya electric tricycle
Image Courtesy of Onya Cycles

Saul Griffith's latest project is an electric tricycle designed to take the place of cars for short, local trips. Griffith started Onya Cycles, an internal project of OtherLab, and the result is the Front End Ladder, the tricycle that does 20 mph (the legal limit for this type of vehicle) and can carry you plus up to 150 pounds. It's got a basket in front that can hold groceries as well as your children, and a custom steering mechanism that keeps the trike (and you) from tipping over on tight turns.

Click through for a video interview with Giga Om TV's "Green Overdrive", in which Griffith shows off the Front End Ladder and explains how it works.
Video courtesy of Giga Om's "Green Overdrive"

Griffith, who has already brought us energy generating kites and is a leading figure in green technology development, explained his motivation for designing the Front End Ladder: "The electric bikes that we want to exist in the world don't exist, so let's build them."

Griffith predicts that the electric tricycle will run about $3,800 ($2,500 for a non-electric version), but insists they're working on getting the price down. The Front End Ladder and other models are still in development and not ready for mass-market, but if you can't wait, beta-unit versions are available for purchase.

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