Online Carpooling Connections Get Easier With PickUpPal

I'm here at West Coast Green 2008, a huge conference on green innovation. But the funny thing about conferences is the massive carbon footprint they create. Those running WCG have gone to great lengths to reduce the carbon footprint of the event, and that includes hooking up with PickupPal, a carpooling connection website.

Starting up a carpool is an awesome way to reduce a footprint. But what if you're in an area where you don't know anyone and you want to get around more greenly, like, ahem, at a gigantic conference? That's where PickupPal steps in. The basics of PickupPal is that a passenger enters where they want to go, a driver enters where they're headed, and PickupPal matches them up. They let drivers know of possible pick up opportunities, and drivers can let passengers know how much the passenger will have to kick in to help cover costs for gas and whatnot. Then passengers can accept the ride and away they both go.

It's pretty awesome for grabbing a pretty quick ride, and while it isn't a snappy iPhone app like Carticipate, it's still accessible from all over the place.

They've made themselves very user friendly by partnering with West Coast Green for a way to get to and from the conference, and hopefully people will leave here with a new love for ride sharing.

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