One Million Auto Rickshaws, Let's Make Them Hybrid!

After creating the Sustainable Dance Club, due to open this autumn in Rotterdam, the eco-innovators of Enviu have just launched their next big idea: To make one million auto rickshaws hybrid! Enviu asks students, young professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs to battle each other in order to design the cleanest, cheapest and most practical upgrade kit for existing auto rickshaws. It is the Hybrid Tuk Tuk Battle.By converting one million auto rickshaws into hybrids, the living conditions of millions of drivers and their families will be improved and the CO2 emissions drastically reduced. A win win win solution for everyone, but is it possible? Stef van Dongen, founder of Enviu, believes it is and challenges everyone to join hands in order for the project to succeed.

Enviu has already researched the auto rickshaw situation together with experts in Bangalore and Hyderabad, which proved the project to be more than worthwhile. Their study revealed that a hybrid auto rickshaw can increase a driver’s income to at least 35%, due to the money they save on fuel. Furthermore, the overall impact of upgrading one million TukTuks can reduce the CO2 emissions of each one by 40-60%. Technically it is possible to design one upgrading system for all because the engines of auto rickshaws are generally of the same kind. The challenge also lies in making this system affordable for the current Tuk Tuk drivers around the world.

If you feel challenged, join the battle! Download all you need to know under Battle Info. Enviu will publish news, related research and project updates via their web site during the battle. Once your team has been selected to join in, you will have your own website to communicate your findings and processes. And as a battle team member, you can win a CO2 neutral trip to India to further work on the project! ::Enviu ::Hybrid Tuk Tuk

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