One Fewer SUV: You Decide What Happens to It (Blow it Up? Donate it?)

One Fewer SUV photo

You Decide the Fate of this SUV
Ryan Mickle made a website to help decide what he will do with his Range Rover Sport SUV. Here's his story:

"In 2006, I bought this beautiful but totally excessive Range Rover Sport. A big part of the motivation then was the huge tax write off for heavy SUVs, combined with a short commute and weekly trips to go hiking with friends. Since I moved back to San Francisco, I don't need a car, so I want to take this SUV off the road for good. If I sold it, it'd just keep polluting with someone else behind the wheel. So I'm leaving what to do with it to everyone to help me decide."

Ryan wants your suggestions. Should he blow it up or convert it to biodiesel? Donate it to some organization? Convert it to electric? He's looking for ideas that are both eco and attention-getting. There's a video of him explaining his story below.You can email him at ryan at and see his site: One Fewer SUV.

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