One Easy Tip to Save On Gas? Drive Like You Are Riding a Bike

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With hypermilers achieving 81.5mpg in a Ford Fusion hybrid, and even 124mpg in a Honda Insight, the rest of us would do well to learn a thing or two from the more obsessive "eco drivers" among us. These hypermiling videos are full of great tips, but its easy to get lost in the technical details and obsessive "tricks". One friend recently introduced me to an easier to understand general principle that, he says, can help anyone drive more efficiently: learn to drive as if you were riding your bike.

Having done a little Googling around, it seems this piece of wisdom is common knowledge among hypermilers. The folks at include an explanation in their rundown of tips for getting higher MPGs:

If you where riding a bike would you race to a red light? Of course not; while on a bike you have a natural tendency to conserve your energy and coast to red lights and temporary obstacles. This same idea of conserving energy can be applied to increasing your gas mileage. The key idea is to get in the habit of looking far ahead and anticipate when you might need to slow down. If you see that a light has changed a full block or two ahead, or if a vehicle has its turn signal on, let up on the accelerator and coast. Every time you are forced to brake, you waste energy and decrease your gas mileage.

One Easy Tip to Save On Gas? Drive Like You Are Riding a Bike
Simply changing your mindset can go a long way to cutting your fuel consumption. Here's how.

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