One Beautiful Bike Wedding and Two Bike Discos

Bike Wedding Getaway Vehicle photo

Here's the wedding getaway vehicle - a Metrofiets via Gabriel McGovern.

TreeHugger has documented a treasure trove of bike activities this week. Hopefully, you've got room for one more - a beautiful bike wedding that happened this month in Portland, Oregon, first spotted at the great BikeHugger blog. Portland is learning to do everything on bikes - bike moves, multiple incarnations of bike-based deliveries, and now, bike weddings. Bide wedding on a custom decorated Metrofiets
Jamie and Katie Nichols tied the knot at Rocky Butte in Portland. A bright yellow-and-green painted Metrofiets cargo bike was the wedding vehicle, and according to McGovern after the ceremony the bridge bride and groom rode away on the Metrofiets with the requisite aluminum cans clanking from the back. We've chronicled bike weddings before, but it seems a fitting send-off to the end of this inspiring bike commuting week. Congratulations to the couple.

VeloDisco might have been the first bike disco - built for Burning Man 2007.
Two bike discos
Portland is the scene for a lot of bike innovations, but it's not the only place trying to make use of human-powered pedaling. This week in Oxfordshire in the UK a group of musicians will kick off the WOOD festival, which is run on renewable energy, including a bike-powered disco. How will this work? WOOD has a tent that will be used for showing movies and for dancing. WOOD is aiming to be carbon neutral, so it will depend on pedal power to keep the sound system going. While the idea might seem risky, WOOD organizer Joe Bennet told the Oxford Mail:

"You'd be surprised," he goes on. "There's never a shortage of volunteers. Between eight and 10 people can power the whole thing — or three or four highly-toned athletes. And people seem to have a lot of energy — especially for the disco. There's nothing like a bit of upbeat music to keep you going!"

Bike Seamstresses photo
Dutch cycling seamstresses do disco, too
Karin Arts and Marieke Bigman have made their bike-powered seamstress company into performance art. They travel all over, turning recycled clothing into their own funky form of couture while volunteers pedal to keep their sewing machines turning. Arts and Bigman also get the crowd in the mood by pedaling up some disco sounds to get people singing and dancing.

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