On Yer Hydrogen Bike

We all know pedal power can make you fitter but if you opt for this hydrogen-powered bike you could also be making the planet a lot fitter too.

Developed by UK-based Valeswood Environmental Technology Development (VETD), the Hydrocell Bike is on sale now, powered by a lightweight hydrogen fuel cell placed behind the seat and able to send you on your green way for 60 miles.

The Hydrocell power unit is available in three different sizes, producing between 14 to 156 volts individually or up to 220 volts when used as part of a power pack. The Hydrocell holds 40 liters of hydrogen.

Hydrocell is a lightweight, rechargeable hydrogen fuel cell with an internal metal hydride store. It's not as expensive as most other hydrogen systems because the battery pack is alkaline-based rather than based on the more normal - and expensive - platinum core. Hydrocell runs on either standard commercial grade hydrogen gas which is inexpensive and which VETD says is easily available (though we've yet to see any...) and also on environmentally friendly green hydrogen. The bike has a range of around 60 miles on one fill-up. After that it's back to your calve muscles, or you try and find a hydrogen source.

As with all such hydrogen systems, the hydrogen mixes with oxygen from the atmosphere to create electricity and only produces a small amount of water vapour.

The makers claim Hydrocell is very easy to fill and use and operates at room temperature, which in fairness should be something you need to consider if you live somewhere like Alaska or the further reaches of the Gobi desert.

The price in the UK is 700 pounds sterling, so around US$1,400.