Old Hubcaps are Repurposed into Gorgeous Metal Art Canvases For the Landfillart Project

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Photo: landfill art: John Adams

Here is one way to recycle hubcaps. The Landfillart Project is an international exhibition with 1,041 artists from around the world creating art on hubcaps.

The hubcaps are from old cars from the 1930’s through to the 1970’s. Each hubcap, having been cleaned and primed, has been transformed by an artist using oil or acrylic paint, fabric, or welding.

It's the brain child of Ken Marquis who has persuaded artists from every state in the USA plus 52 other countries to transform these ugly and beaten-up pieces of metal into something creative. His goal is to get people thinking about the amount of garbage they generate -- and, perhaps, to reduce it.

katy all photo

Photo: landfill art: Katy Allgeyer

"Old rusted hubcaps, or even old plastic ones, eventually have no use. They end up in landfills or in people's backyards," Marquis says. "So it made perfect sense to use this as a basis to create art on."

Why hubcaps? The idea came to Marquis at a car show where he had stumbled on a cache of 41 rusted disks. "It was one of those eureka moments," he recalls. "I saw a hubcap and I thought, 'I think I can get this repurposed.'"

curtis aric photo

Photo: landfill art: Curtis Aric

Marquis scooped them up for $82. A few weeks later, he bought 1,000 hubcaps from a collector. These came from every imaginable make of automobile, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Packard, DeSoto, Mercedes, Rolls Royce and many more.

He wants 80% of the project to be done by professional artists and 20% by nontraditional artists. These include mentally and physically challenged artists, politically oppressed artists, and prisoners.

His ultimate goal is to complete a book with the story and photos of the 1041 artists. He also wants to have a travelling show of 200 of the best "metal canvases" so that others can become inspired by this environmental art form.

These artists are taking someone else's garbage and turning it into something beautiful or strange or provocative. Check out the gallery to see the extraordinary variations.

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Old Hubcaps are Repurposed into Gorgeous Metal Art Canvases For the Landfillart Project
Hubcaps from old cars from the 1930’s through to the 1970’s find new life.

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