Oil, War, Mobile Phones and Electric Cars: The Fully Charged Show (Video)

fully charged ev show image

Image credit: Fully Charged

From fast-charging electric vehicles, to checking out the Tesla Model S, legendary comic actor Robert Llewellyn has already produced some great material for electric vehicle enthusiasts on his "Gearless" internet show. But it seems it was time for a change. "Gearless" has just relaunched as "Fully Charged". And it seems Mr Llewellyn is getting more confrontational.

Watch below the fold as Robert takes on some key electric vehicle myths, chastises Top Gear for its deceptive Tesla review, and even dares to make some connections between our addiction to oil and (gasp!) our propensity for foreign wars. It's good stuff. It's good to see Robert letting loose on some of the macro, political issues surrounding electric vehicles and fossil fuel dependency. It's clear to me that the man's strengths do not lie in producing technical geekery for gearheads and nerds—but rather providing a passionate voice for the rest of us. People who need cars to get around, but want dearly to find options that do not mean destroying our atmosphere, sending money to repressive regimes, or contributing to the ridiculous farce occurring in the Gulf of Mexico.

Oh, and if you were wondering why the show changed it's name—Robert also has a somewhat rambling and apologetic explanation in the second video posted below.

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