Office Folds Up Into Retro Steamer Trunk


Apartment Therapy's Unpluggd shows a lovely office-in-a-steamer trunk designed by London's Timothy Oulton and sold at Restoration Hardware (for 4 grand).

Gregory Han concludes his post with "What we'd really hope is for a stylish DIY version out there." And TreeHugger is always there to help.

japanese trunk office

Last year Collin wrote about Trunk Station, (which he found on unpluggd), writing:

Straight from Japan, the Trunk Station fills both needs, creating a little half-cube and enough space to work on a computer, store some files and other useful stuff you'll need to get from 9 to 5; when your workday is through, fold it up and roll it away, out of sight and out of mind.

I thought, YES! This is exactly what I have been thinking about, a foldup office built like the cases roadies use for bands on the run. Do it in black, cover it with bumper stickers and you've got it!


I checked out TCH Hardware, a company that sells every board, hinge, latch and part that you need to make it. It is an interesting company that spun off a modest little design idea called Umbra in 1979.

I drew it up and did a parts list, but having a very nice George Nelson desk, I never got around to building it. But if you want to do a cool modern DIY version, that's the way to go.