Number of the Day: 4

Ford F150 Pickup Truck photo

Sales numbers for cars in the US are out for last month, and there are some interesting trends.

4 -- For the first time in 17 years, the Ford F150 is not #1. It was displaced to #4 by the Honda Civic, Toyota Camry and Toyota Corolla. More evidence that small cars are becoming more popular in the USA. Autoblog puts it poetically by saying: "Note to automakers: that would be the sound of the canary in your coal mine hitting the floor."

47.2 -- That's the percentage increase in sales for MINI, maker of the Mini Cooper, a compact car. Last month's biggest gain.

–61.7 -- That's the percentage decrease of sales of the Hummer brand, makers of big SUVs mostly bought by suburbanites. Last month's biggest loss.

These numbers are consistent with the bigger picture, such as GM closing down 4 SUV plants and shifting focus to passenger cars, and hybrid cars selling well. ::By the Numbers/May 2008: F-150 Falls Edition

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