Number of the Day: 38 MPG

Fuel Gauge on Empty photo

38 -- That's the number of miles per gallon (US gallons) that the average passenger car in the UK is getting according to the British Department of Transport.

22.4 -- That's how many miles per gallon (US gallons) the average passenger vehicle in the United States is getting according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

9200 -- How many miles the average UK driver travels in a year.

13000 -- Number of miles driven each year by the average US driver, 40% more than in the UK. "To put those numbers in some context, the average US driver will use 580 gallons of fuel each year, compared to 242 in the UK, 139 percent more. Even allowing for fuel that’s less than half the price ($3.88 per gallon vs. $8.52 per gallon, currently), US drivers are still poorer to the tune of nearly $200 a year." Source: Ars Technica
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