Now That's Sexy: LA County Lifeguards Get Ford Escape Hybrids


We've seen Ford Escape Hybrid taxis in New York City, and now they are making the move to sunny Los Angeles, where they will serve as patrol cars for the Los Angeles County Lifeguard Headquarters. If only Baywatch were still on the air, they'd likely compete with Pamela Anderson for the attention of Treehuggers everywhere. Or not. Still, the lifeguards are happy to be receiving ten of the hybrid SUVs, with plans to expand the fleet to 45. The Escape hybrid will get 29 mpg in the city (presumably, however, driving on sand adversely impacts fuel economy) and 27 mpg on the freeway. Finally, the Escape will be easier on L.A.'s notoriously bad smog: according to one Ford sales manager, "[the Escape Hybrid] releases fewer smog-forming emissions into the atmosphere during a three-hour drive (about 180 miles) than grilling one hamburger in your back yard."

Via: ::Autopia (Wired Blog)

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