Nothing says "I'm sorry" like cash: Ford sends $550 check to C-MAX hybrid owners

Ford C-Max revised MPG
© Ford

$137.50 per missing MPG...

Ford recently had to revise the MPG numbers of the C-MAX hybrid from the original 47 MPG city/47 MPG highway/47 MPG combined to 45 MPG city/40 MPG on the highway/43 MPG combined. That's not bad per se, but it's definitely not what C-MAX owner thought they were getting. To apologize, Ford is both tweaking the 2014 model to improve fuel economy and cutting $550 checks to existing C-MAX owners and $325 checks for those who lease a C-MAX.

Ford C-Max 2014© Ford

The checks will only go out to the 32,000 customers who bought the C-Max before Ford dropped the estimated fuel economy, not those who bought after (obviously because they knew what they were getting).

While the money is small consolation to those who got the C-MAX expressly for the fuel economy, now may be a good time to read up on hypermiling (squeezing the most out of every gallon of fuel) and adopt some of these fuel-saving habits. Some are too extreme for most people (and even dangerous - we're not recommending them), but others are common sense and actually make for smoother, safer driving while saving fuel.

ford C-Max hybrid© Ford

Via ABG, Automotive News

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