Norway to get Maya 100 Electric Car

In the middle of last week, Electrovaya, a Canadian company, and Miljobil Grenland, a Norwegian one, announced that they were forming a partnership to bring the Maya 100 electric vehicle to Norway and "neighboring countries". I've said it and I'll say it again, the electric and mostly electric plug-in hybrid transportation paths are very promising and more effort should go in developing them, so kudos to Electrovaya. Green Car Congress has an in depth post about the Maya 100, well worth reading if you care about EV: In it we learn that Electrovaya's battery technology (Li-ion superpolymer) is quite advanced and that they are already developing the next generation which is even more promising. Early adopters take note, the current North-American price of the Maya 100 is $70,000. No word yet on the pricing for Scandinavia.

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