Norway Electric Car Sales Set Records: High Gas Prices Anyone?

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Unless you've been under a rock for the past few weeks you've heard about the woes of Detroit's car makers. And you may have seen news about German manufacturer's sales declining as well. What's more, sales of the Toyota Prius aren't booming at the moment either (at least according to how some are parsing the stats).

Well, this sort of malaise hasn’t hit sales of small electric cars in Norway however (where gas prices are over $5 a gallon currently) at least if you just go on percentage growth and not absolute sales numbers:Doubling of Sales Still Means Less Than 200 Sold
AutoBlogGreen is pointing out that sales of electric cars in Norway hit a new record in November: With sales of Hafslund's Kewet Buddy doubling in he past year and the Th!nk City not doing so badly either.

But it’s all relative: Even with a doubling of sales, there are still only 190 Kewet Buddys motoring Norway’s roads; and 111 Th!nk Citys have been sold so far this year.

via: AutoBlogGreen
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