NOOO! Honda Fit Hybrid Not Coming to United States

2009 Honda Fit photo

No Hybrid Fit for You
The people at ABG had a chance to ask Honda spokesperson Sage Marie about when the Honda Fit hybrid would be available in the US. The disappointing answer was that it wouldn't be sold in the US, at least not for a while.

The Business Case
Honda probably has good business reasons for that: They have found out that North-Americans seem to prefer dedicated hybrid models like the Toyota Prius, and because of supply constraints (they are selling all the Fits they can make), it probably makes more sense to sell Fit hybrids in Japan where they will be better received, and possibly more profitable. American drivers will still get Honda's upcoming dedicated hybrid (2010, about $19,000) which is based on the FCX Clarity, and a sporty hybrid coupe based on the CR-Z concept, but those who want more choices of affordable high-mileage vehicles in North-America will still disappointed.

NOOO! Honda Fit Hybrid Not Coming to United States

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