No Cash for Clunkers in Calcutta - Commercial Vehicles More Than 15 Years Old Banned from Roads

calcutta taxis photo

photo: icultist via flickr

In an effort to curb air pollution, Calcutta has enacted a ban on commercial vehicles more than 15 years old, the BBC reports. But this isn't directly an effort to improve fuel efficiency, rather it's to combat particulate pollution -- in a city where studies show that some 70% of the population suffers from some form of lung ailment linked to poor air quality:It's estimated that the ban will take some 3,000 buses and 6,500 taxis off the roads.

Transport workers driving vehicles affected by the ban are threatening to strike, saying that they have no problem switching to cleaner fuels or replacing their older vehicles with new ones, but need loans to be able to do so.

Some Buses Already Running on Biodiesel
Back in February Calcutta Tramways announced that it would running the buses it operates on a B20 biodiesel blend -- a move which, while motivated by financial reasons, is expected to cut pollution from the buses by 35%

via: BBC News
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