No Car in Berlin


Berlin celebrates World Car Free Day by taking to the streets. The 2007 Kreisfahrt (Circle Ride) departs from the famous Brandenburger Tor at 14:00 Saturday 22 September. Bicycles own the streets. Car owners: stay home, or at least turn your engines off as you watch the endless parade of bikes make their merry way hooting and hollering around Berlin.

It may not change the world, but it will make bicyclists feel good for the day just to imagine how lovely life would be if a police escort ensured your absolute safety and freedom from smoggy emissions every day. The goal is to mobilize more people to work towards that ideal.
The procession will end after about 40 km at the Sudkreuz (South Cross) train station, a new venue for the annual Environment Festival where bikers can recover from the demonstration ride with a bio-bratwurst or an organic, vegetarian meal while learning about new green trends and supporting environmental organizations.

Via ::Bike Club Berlin

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