No Bicycles Left in London

It can be a struggle to find an uplifting story in the aftermath of tragedy. But tipster Wade M. has alerted us to news that central London has suddenly undergone a surge in cycle patronage, following the bombing of its public transport system. According to bulletins here and here, cycle stores had doubled and tripled their sales of bicycles, in some cases even selling out of bikes. "Seasoned cyclists told of weary walkers offering them up to 300 pounds ($500) for their bikes as they headed home on Thursday, and of giving impromptu lessons to shaky beginners." Or this: "We had people who hadn't ridden for over 10 years asking for refresher lessons -- we even had a judge." And "others, who had walked home, dug long-forgotten bikes from sheds and garages for Friday morning's commute. Fernando Gandioli said he noticed "a lot of rusty bikes and squeaky chains" as he cycled in to work at accountancy firm KPMG." It was also reported that "quick-thinking commuters saved themselves some cash by visiting bicycle hire shops, though by Thursday afternoon they were out of luck." As Wade suggested 'every cloud has a sliver lining'. We just wish there were far less traumatic ways, in which people could be reminded of the benefits of bicycles, as were certainly understood by long-time London rider William Wagstaff.