Nissan's Electric Car Prototype: Rough Draft of the Car of the Future?

Photo: Nissan
Timing the Charging of the Battery, the Car can Text You When Fully Charged
Another clever trick: The Nissan EV can be set to run the air conditioner at a certain time while still plugged in. What this means is that if you know you're going to drive at, say, noon. You can set the car to cool the cabin at 11:50 so that when you drive away, you don't have to run the A/C as much, extending the range.

The car can also be set to recharge at certain times of day when electricity rates are lower (for those with time-of-use rates).

The driver can monitor the state-of-charge of the EV via an online website and a cellular phone. For example, when the battery is fully charged, a message alert is sent to the cellular phone. Additional remote control functions range from switching the charging system ON/OFF or setting the air-conditioner timer.

Photo: Nissan

Nissan's CEO, Carlos Ghosn, seems to be one of the driving force behind Nissan's electric car program, and he has forcefully expressed his passion for EVs many times (here, here, and here). This is a contrast with the lack of excitement about EVs at Toyota's management level...

Photo: Nissan

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