Nissan Wants to Sell 50,000 Altima Hybrids a Year


Nissan is planning to sell 50,000 units per year of their upcoming Altima hybrid. The newcomer to the hybrid world would like to "catch up" with other automakers, says Tadao Takahashi, Nissan's executive vice president in charge of global manufacturing. That, and they need to sell 50,000 hybrids to meet Corporate Average Fleet Economy (CAFE) standards in the US. If such sale figures were to materialize, and it's very probable since the Altima is a popular car and Toyota is selling all the hybrids it can make, Nissan would be competing against Honda for second place in term of hybrid sales, with Toyota far ahead.

::Nissan setting 50,000 U.S. sales goal for upcoming Altima hybrid, via ::Green Car Congress