Nissan to Take LEAF Electric Car Reservations in the U.S. in Spring 2010

nissan leaf electric car driving photo
Photo: Nissan
This Electric Car Made a Spark
Nearly 22,000 people in North-America have contacted Nissan since the company unveiled the car in August. Because of this strong positive demand, Nissan is now announcing that it will begin taking reservations for the Leaf EV in the Spring of 2010. "Of those who have contacted Nissan, about half report that they want to obtain LEAF as soon as it's available, and another 45 percent indicate interest in owning an electric vehicle within the next two to three years."nissan leaf electric car driving photo
Photo: Nissan

Looks like the range of the Leaf (100 miles) won't be too much of a problem, at least at first: "More than 90 percent of the people who have contacted Nissan indicate that they drive less than 100 miles daily, which is the range of LEAF when fully charged. Meanwhile, 75 percent indicate that they are members of two-car households - prime candidates for an efficient commuter car like the all-electric, zero-emission LEAF."

The reservation system will allow people to receive updates on the Leaf, and it will let them know when the electric car is available either for a test drive or to buy.

nissan leaf electric car interior photo
Photo: Nissan

Via Nissan
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