Nissan to 'Patch' 5,300 LEAF Electric Cars to Solve Rare Restart Problem

nissan leaf electric car photo

Photo: Michael Graham Richard

Not a Safety Issue and Fix is Coming

A problem with the Nissan LEAF could cause the electric car to fail to start after being turned off. While only a small numbers of cars are affected and the problem isn't serious enough for a recall, it's still big enough to be causing PR headaches for Nissan, so they've decided to reprogram all the LEAFs that are on the road (around 5,300 so far).

nissan leaf electric car photo

Photo: Michael Graham Richard

Nissan said in a press release:

Nissan has found that a very small proportion of the Nissan LEAFs in the market today have reported incidents which require reprogramming of the Vehicle Control Module to address incorrect diagnosis programming. Yet, as the LEAF is very important to us, Nissan has decided to perform a service campaign on 5,300 Nissan LEAF vehicles in the Japanese, North American, European and other markets to ensure all of our customers are satisfied.

This is not a safety issue as the vehicle will not stop running while being driven, but may not restart once it is turned off.

About 500 LEAFs in the US will be affected by this. The owners will receive a message through the car's onboard computer, asking them to contact their Nissan dealearship.

Via Inside Line

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