Nissan to Develop Own Hybrid Technology


Less than a year ago, Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of Nissan, was saying that hybrid cars were "terrible business" and "a nice story, but they're not a a good business" (notice the common theme?). Nissan was working on a hybrid version of its Altima sedan (picture above) anyway, but the technology was licensed from Toyota and the company seemed skeptical even about its own hybrid. Forward to a few months later, and now it seems that the Japanese car maker is changing its mind; it is working on a new electric motor, lithium-ion battery and inverter for its own future hybrid and fuel cell models. Executive Vice President Mitsuhiko Yamashita says that these parts should be ready for use by 2009 (so don't hold your breath). In the meantime, the Altima hybrid should come out for 2007. ::Bloomberg, via ::Nissan goes 180 degrees to develop own hybrid technology, ::Ghosn: Hybrids Are a "Terrible Business Prospect", ::Nissan a Skeptical Maker of Hybrids