Nissan Stops Taking LEAF Reservations, Reaches 20k Target 3 Months Ahead of Schedule

nissan leaf blue electric photo
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Smells Like Success
Let's play "good news, bad news"! The good news is that the electric LEAF seems to be very hot. Nissan was expected to reach 20,000 reservations around the time of launch in December, but interest has been so high that they've reached that milestone 3 months in advance. The bad news is that if you are interested in getting a Nissan LEAF but were indecisive about reserving one, it's now too late. Nissan won't take any new reservations for the LEAF until leaf blue electric photo
Photo: Flickr, CC

If you've made a reservation, no worries, you should still have priority:

"Consumers who already have made reservations will continue to have the opportunity to purchase or lease an all-electric Nissan LEAF. Nissan is following its planned order-release timing for existing reservationists. Orders have been prioritized based on market timing and when consumers submitted their original reservations online and paid their refundable $99 reservation fee."

nissan leaf blue electric photo
Photo: Flickr, CC

Nissan is also taking the LEAF on a tour. If you want to test-drive it, you should have a chance soon if you are close to any of the following cities:


For more information about the tour and test-drives, check out:

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